Rezepte, die gesundes Essen zum Kinderspiel machen

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Die meisten von uns wissen bereits, dass gute Ernährung für ein gesundes Leben ausschlaggebend ist. Und es ist wichtig, genug von den richtigen Nährstoffen zu bekommen, um einen aktiven Lebensstil beizubehalten. Viele „gesunde“ Rezepte sind allerdings sehr teuer oder benötigen stundenlange Vorbereitungszeiten. Wenn man den ganzen Tag unterwegs ist, müssen Mahlzeiten einfach sein. Wir haben einige interessante Websites zusammengestellt, von denen aus man nur einen Klick von köstlichen, nährstoffreichen und einfachen Gerichten entfernt ist.

All Recipes is the bread and butter of online recipe sites. Food allergies? No problem. Watching carbs? They'll have options for three meals a day, seven days a week. Want something quick/elaborate? They have options that take 0-minutes to weeks to prepare (well, maybe not that long). You can search thousands of recipes by specific ingredients, meal category, or occasions.

Cookpad is a simpler cousin to all recipes. The website began in Japan and recently made an entry for English audiences. Readers post their home recipes, usually with accompanying pictures showing each step. Go here to find home-style or reader-original dishes you won't find in any ethnic recipe book, like curry kabocha and potato soup und green tea cheesecake bars. Bonus: learn tricks that will minimize your time in the kitchen, like how a microwave can make steamed Kabocha-squash in just minutes!

Finally, if you enjoy cooking you might check out Clean Eating.   site features recipes that use no artificial ingredients or processed foods. They offer weekly meal plans, as well as shopping lists to help you stay on the healthy-eating track. Even if you are crunched for time, they offer meals that can be made in less than 20-minutes, like skillet-grilled red pepper shrimp  and guiltless sweet breakfasts like blueberry-banana-oatmeal sundaes.

Already have a routine? Check them out anyway for some new ideas!
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