Von Dortmund nach London mit echter Liebe

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BVB took the road to the Final… and they’ve officially arrived.

A city can be defined by many things. Its industry, its architecture, its heritage. But a city defined by its team? That's a special sort of town. If you've ever experienced one then you understand. If you haven't then we recommend jumping on the Dortmund bandwagon. Now.

Dortmund lives and breathes Die Schwarzgelbe. The Black Yellows. Their love for BVB is more than fandom- it's Echte Liebe. True Love. It's evident in their trusty shirts and wild game day getups. It's recognized in pubs around the world when displaced BVB fans gather to root for their team. It proves that whether you're in standing in Dortmund or London, as long as you're with fellow fans you're not only in good company, you're home. 

This season has been exceptional. It's the sort of stuff that a city and team live for. There wasn't a single easy match. All were beyond intense. BVB came out of the so-called Death Group unbeaten and in first place. In the Quarter-Finals, they proved that every minute counts win an historic comeback. Decades from now, little Dortmund fans will hear the story of this season recounted to them by their grandparents…

Because more than just a city or team, Dortmund is a tradition. It's an attitude towards life that - in good times and bad - keeps everyone on their feet screaming for more.

When Dortmund takes the pitch in the Final, they take it as the underdog. Which is exactly the way Borussians like it. The team does indeed have an edge though: their energy. The team is young. They play fearlessly. They run like heck and turn 90+ minutes into quite an attractive game of football. Even those "neutral" fans out there are opting for black and yellow on the 25th… Which is fine by us here. The more the merrier and the stronger Die Gelbe Wand becomes when it arrives in Wembley.

What will you remember most from this BVB season? Sag uns, welche.