Munster – Sneaker entworfen von Sophia Chang Social

Munster – Sneaker entworfen von Sophia Chang

PUMA's Autumn-Winter 13' sport heritage products serve as a source of inspiration to up-and-coming artists and entertainers. This season, PUMA reveals the Brand's Lifestyle Collection Directors: a collective group of influencers who connect culture, attitude, and style with ambition. Sought out from the streets of Paris, Los Angeles and New York City, PUMA's global group of Collection Directors have been assigned to enhance PUMA's seasonal key products with their creativity, vision and passion under the 'Next Starts Now' platform. The first of the Collection Directors to be introduced this month is Illustrator, Designer and self-proclaimed 'Bun' Queen, Sophia Chang.

NYC-born and bred, Chang's enthusiasm for killer product designs and POP culture was infectious for her first collaboration with PUMA. Tasked to visually reinvigorate the season's Women's Lifestyle Footwear collection, Chang and her dream team of talents, used the city streets of LA and New York as her backdrop for a photo-shoot that was remarkably colourful, spontaneous and empowering just as the collection itself.

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  • Verfasst am: 13. September 2013