Mit einem Klick um die Welt

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Hast du PUMAs? Machst du deinen Weg? Teilnehmen und gewinnen.

Chances are, wherever you go your shoes go too. So the next time you're going places, do us a favor: take a photo of your PUMAs. It's easy. First, go somewhere. Then, stand still. Take a photo of your shoes with some sort of background. Like the Colosseum. Or your local pub. Or a weird mark on the sidewalk that looks a bit like Munch's "Scream."

We won't tell you how to make your PUMA-insta-art happen. We just want to see it. And heap accolades upon it. Teile mit #travelingpumas Fotos von deinen PUMA-Schuhen auf der ganzen Welt. Every Friday, we'll select a winner from the tagged photos and the winner will receive a PUMA prize pack. The more creative, the better. Was denn sonst?

Here are the rules:

• Upload pictures of your shoes to Instagram with the tag #travelingpumas
• Turn on phone geo-tagging so we can see where your pictures were taken
• User must follow @PUMA on Instagram to win
• Photos must be your own

Full terms and conditions can be found hier.

Need some additional inspiration? Check out past winners hier.