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POSITION: 330 Meilen östlich von Cayenne, Französisch-Guayana

Wir hassen Wolken noch immer. Wir hassen sie. Auch die schönen. Sie verderben unsere Tage und plagen uns nachts, und sie haben es gerade schon wieder getan. Ein gewaltiger, unvermeidbarer grüner Klumpen auf dem Radar und ein unheilverheißender dunkler Klecks am Horizont deuten auf unmittelbar bevorstehendes Verderben hin, doch nichts kann einen auf das qualvolle Ergebnis vorbereiten, wenn alles vorbei ist und die Wolken dich deinen Wind, deine Hoffnungen und in diesem Fall deine hart erkämpfte Führung gekostet haben.

After the last dose of calm calamity cut our advantage from 35 miles to 5, we extended on the trailing pair to see the margin of comfort return to the 30s. But yesterday was tough, and we spent much of it dodging rain on the horizon. Again our lead shrank. And now one final and frantic squall has left us virtually even with CAMPER and Telefónica. Not very encouraging, but nonetheless, it's back to the task at hand.

We again find ourselves moving food, spares, sails, and personal gear to the front of the boat in just 2 knots of wind, praying something will fill our sad sails and get us the blazes out of here. We're all up and we've literally gone through every sail on the boat during the last hour, but it's done nothing to prolong the inevitable. There's not enough wind to justify unfurling a jib, so we sit, floundering under main only, keel canted to one side to prevent the boom from sweeping uncontrollably across the deck.

Okay, moving on. I'm tired of talking about clouds, tired of thinking about clouds. Just hate 'em! Going to go make some coffee for the fellas as it's looking like it will be a long and crummy night. Thankfully, tomorrow is another day!

- Amory

Amory Ross


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