Du willst dein Training in eine neue Dimension bringen? Dafür gibt's eine App!

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Seien wir ehrlich, von der App, mit der man neue Fotos alt aussehen lassen kann, bis zu der, mit der man verärgerte Vögel über den Bildschirm schleudert ... es gibt für so ziemlich alles eine App! So it should be no surprise that when it comes to your health and fitness, there's an app for that too! Check out these awesome free apps to help you manage your fitness and health goals!

Discover new foods that fit your diet with a quick scan of a bar code on any food-packaging label. ShopWell selects foods according to the ingredients and nutrition that best match eating objectives. This app allows you to make healthier decisions with food, providing information ranging from counting calories to why a certain food is recommended. Head to the supermarket with this app and scan away!

Sure, apps can measure the workouts you do, but what if you need a little extra inspiration to get moving? Combiningsocial interaction, friendly competition, and fitness Fitocracy feeds your competitive side by turning your health goals into a game! You can score points by completing workouts and tasks, compare stats, and face off with friends all within in the Fitocracy community. This great video game-like app may be just the thing to take your training to the next level.

Its reputation says it all - as one of the highest-ranked free health & fitness apps on iTunes, MapMyRUN boasts accurate activity measurement. From a GPS to a nutrition tracker, this detailed app has what it takes to make your runs more intense. Enter personal stats such as height and weight to get a precise count of calories and pace. This is definitely one not to be missed out on.

Workout Trainer (Android, iTunes)
Home of thousands of free demonstrated workouts; the Workout Trainer knows how to motivate you to stay fit. This app is complete with audio and video instructions to guide you through every exercise. Users have the freedom of customizing and scheduling workouts. Who needs a personal trainer when you can do the same with this app?

These are just a few cool apps we've come to like, but what are your favorite fitness apps? Let us know on Facebook oder Twitter!

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