PUMA x Professor Green Bekleidung – Einführung VORSCHAU

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Am 16.08.12 wird eine exklusive Bekleidungs-Kollektion lanciert, die vom PUMA-eigenen Lifestyle-Ambassador, Professor Green, gestaltet wurde. Aus gegenseitiger Bewunderung und einer langen Partnerschaft zwischen PUMA und Professor Green heraus entstanden, vereint die gemeinsame Bekleidungskollektion die eigenen Stile der Mitarbeiter, um eine frische und innovative Kollektion ins Leben zu rufen.

Professor Green's look is smart, clean and casual. He's acclaimed for putting his own twist on classic staples to create a layered, refined, urban-inspired look steeped in Professor Green's own personality.

The creative process has seen Professor Green and PUMA produce outerwear with a utilitarian feel and a clear work-wear influence. However, in typical PUMA style the collection is elevated by the application of the collections 'character' the Honey Badger.

The influence of the honey badger and his habitat will be keenly felt throughout the collection and the campaign imagery. The Honey Badger is fearless and will stand up in the face of intimidation from the most ferocious of predators, something Professor Green can relate to. Professor Green's style is never brash or overly aggressive, but instead smart and understated. This is brilliantly apparent through the functional elements that punctuate the collection, each a nod to the wearers need to be comfortable in their own concrete jungles whilst projecting an air of confidence about the way they look.

Considered fabric applications such as heavy weight peppered sweats and raw canvas coupled with texture mixing and oil finishes give the a smart street-luxe look and feel. Design led flourishes such as the repetitive use of the honey badger logo creates an alternative urban camo and demand closer inspection. Premium leather sign offs, bearing Pro Green and PUMA branding, punctuate the collection.

This is a collection designed for the Urban Bourgeoisie, which uses radical camo and just the right amount of urban seasoning to leave everyone in no uncertain terms that “honey really is the new black.”

To mark this occasion, PUMA will be hosting a fashion soirée to showcase the collection in-front of an INVITE-ONLY select audience of media, retail and brand affiliates before the collection is release in-store in FOOTASYLUM & ASOS from mid-October 2012.

For a sneak preview of the collection, check out this very special ‘behind the scenes’ video from the day of the look book photo-shoot hier

Find out more about this exclusive launch and collection by following the man himself @professorgreen and us @PUMA.