Wie feierst du?

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Celebrations have been part of cricket for a long time; it's one of the few ways to display your aggression & celebrate. From Saurav Ganguly taking his shirt off after India's NatWest win to Shane Warne celebrating his 700th wicket, every celebration is remembered.

2008 saw Usain shock the world with his BOLT & eventually repeat that performance in 2012. His celebratory move of positioning his arms as though he was an archer aiming for the stars not only became his signature move, but was also adopted the world over as a move for celebration. The pose (For sake of simplicity called 'The Bolt') slowly but gradually made its way into cricket with every team striking it after a win; it wasn't just a symbol of celebration, it was one of solidarity.

When pop artist PSY produced his latest video, I doubt he considered how influential a single step of his would become. The artist's song 'Gangnam Style' took the world by storm & became one of the most talked about singles in a language that only 1% of its audience probably understood!

The T20 Championships have always had elements of entertainment added to the cricket. Gayle doing the 'Gangnam Style' step was just the beginning as seen when the entire West Indian team followed suit & danced with Gayle when the Windies made it to the Semi's.

So the question we really come down to is this, with all of these celebrations out there, what’s your celebratory style?