PUMA T7 Etno Shake by Lana

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A Little History

Back in 2011, we activated the most important creative local audience and their connections via a creative competition centered around the PUMA T7 jacket on the IQads platform.

The brief was to create your very own design of the T7, built for one, changing its color or the imprint, keeping its original shape that is unchanged since 1969.

Our fans used the T7 jacket as support to send an original, daring and wearable message. Their own.
And so the PUMA T7 Creative Factory Competition was born: TheCreator.ro/PUMAT7

After 63 days of huge buzz, over 540.000 people got to see the PUMA T7 as the jacket with a classic shape that has an infinite number of designs.

Some Numbers:

After 338 submissions & 201 finalist designs, 10.000+ votes, likes and tweets, the 4 most voted jackets by the public and the pros were actually created.

Who is Lana?

Lana, ranked 2nd in our creative competition, succeeded to receive lots of requests from different young people willing for wearing her jacket .

That's why we've created a limited edition "PUMA T7 Etno Shake" available exclusively in our PUMA Stores.

Lots of artists wanted to wear our lovely jacket, showing the versatility of it.

Many thanks to:

for looking great in our T7 Etno Shaked!