#PUMASocialJozi Foto-Wettbewerb

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PUMA Social Club Jozi loves your photos - Tweet or Instagram your pictures from PUMA Social Club Jozi using the hashtag #pumasocialjozi and we could choose your photo to be featured.

Our pick of the pics each month will win a pair of kicks. So einfach ist das.

PUMA Social Club dauert vom 2012. Oktober bis zum 2013. März. Komm und mach ein paar Fotos. Erzählt euren Müttern davon.
Here are the rules:

  • Upload pictures to Twitter or Instagram @PUMA with the tag #pumasocialjozi.
  • Turn on phone geo-tagging so we can see where your pictures were taken.
  • User must follow @PUMA on Twitter and Instagram to win.
  • Photos must be your own.
  • User pic of the week will be featured.
  • Best pic of the month will win a pair of kicks.

Es gelten die AGBs.

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